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CRC is currently working to stop financial predators and meet the challenges of banking mergers and the consolidation of the financial industry. Now more than ever, CRC relies on the generous support of individuals and organizations to meet these challenges.

Your contribution will add to our ability to function as a vital, positive force to increase access to bank lending, investments and financial services to low income communities and communities of color in California.

If you do not qualify for membership but would still like to support CRC and our efforts toward economic equality in all communities, you may do so by subscribing to our newsletter, The Community Reinvestment News, or becoming a "Friend of CRC".

The newsletter is an excellent source of information about banking and finance issues in California. And you can be a "Friend of CRC" by making a tax deductible contribution of $100 or more.

Your check may be made payable to "California Reinvestment Coalition" at 474 Valencia Street Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Thank you for your support!