California Reinvestment Coalition

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CRC welcomes California nonprofit community organizations and government agencies to join the coalition.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CRC, please read the following pledge and fill out the form below. We will consider your request and submit it to our Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, we will notify you and provide information about CRC committees and dues.

Annual CRC membership dues 

  • Small nonprofit organization - $75
  • Large nonprofit organization - $150 (operating budget over $500,000)
  • Public Agencies in small cities - $150 (less than 500,000 population)
  • Public Agencies in large cities - $500

Membership Pledge: "We subscribe to CRC's efforts to promote investment in California's low-income communities and increased access to affordable financial services, housing credit to facilitate the production and maintenance of low-income housing, credit for low-income individuals, and credit for community economic development." 

Click here for the Membership Application (PDF).