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CRC Responds to GOP Senators Ramming Through Steve Mnuchin's Nomination This Morning

Published February 02, 2017 01:43

This morning, Senator Orrin Hatch, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, suspended his committee’s own rules so that he could hold a committee vote on the nomination of Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary.

Paulina Gonzalez, executive director of the California Reinvestment Coalition, which has opposed Mr. Mnuchin’s nomination and exposed his track record at OneWest Bank, released this statement:

“Steve Mnuchin’s bank has a well-documented history of cutting corners and ignoring laws to keep his foreclosure machine operating at top speed, and Senator Hatch adopted a similar approach of cutting corners to move the ForeclosureKing’s nomination forward earlier today.

The GOP senators on the committee unanimously voted in favor of Mnuchin including Senator Dean Heller from Nevada, whose state was hard hit by OneWest foreclosures. Senator Heller asked Mnuchin for the number of foreclosures in Nevada nine times- and Steve Mnuchin refused to provide that information nine times. Yet, Senator Heller still voted to approve Mnuchin’s nomination this morning. And, despite a damning new analysis from the Columbus Dispatch, proving that Mnuchin’s bank robo-signed in Ohio, Senator Rob Portman also voted to approve Mnuchin today.

Senator Hatch and the Republicans on the committee sent a clear message to the American public this morning that a presidential nominee need not tell the truth about his record and can still be assured of his nomination being moved forward. Voters place our trust in our senators to obtain the truth from presidential nominees about their track records, and in fact, that is the point of confirmation hearings. Yet at Mr. Mnuchin’s hearing, he lied to the senators about his bank’s well-documented history of robo-signing, he refused to provide information about the numbers of foreclosures he had overseen at OneWest Bank, and, amazingly, he continued this obfuscation twice in his follow up written responses to senators.

Senate Democrats on the committee boycotted Mr. Mnuchin’s committee vote yesterday, urging Steve Mnuchin to provide honest answers before they voted on his nomination. Instead of requiring Mr. Mnuchin to provide these honest answers to the senators and to the American public, Senator Hatch and the Republicans on the committee rammed his nomination through.

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