California Reinvestment Coalition

Donor Drive 2012

Dear Friend of CRC,

Over the last five years, California’s communities have struggled tremendously under the weight of the economic crisis. With the strength and concerted efforts of community organizations and advocacy groups, this year finally brought several important victories that will help and protect California’s underserved communities now, and in the future.

With the engagement of our members and allies—like you—the California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) was at the negotiating table for many of these victories, to name a few: 

  1. Attorney General Kamala Harris fought to include strong provisions in the $26 billion National Mortgage Settlement that brought principal reduction to our hardest hit communities.
  2. The Homeowners Bill of Rights was signed into law, ending the most insidious foreclosure practices and allowing homeowners to enforce these rights.
  3. CRC members negotiated a strong CRA commitment from Union Bank that includes small business lending, technical assistance, and community development investments.
  4. San Jose passed a strong ordinance that restricts the growth of payday lenders. San Diego and Los Angeles passed Responsible Banking Ordinances that require banks to disclose data about their services to compete for each city’s banking business.

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CRC has a strong committee structure that brings the voices of low-income communities and communities of color to the White House, federal bank regulators, mortgage servicers, big banks and elected officials to expand access to mainstream finance and fight predatory lending. 

• CRC’s Housing Committee meets monthly to gather the knowledge of counselors and legal advocates into advocacy efforts that contributed to the National Mortgage Settlement and Homeowners Bill of Rights.

• The Economic Development Committee has successfully fought for investments in community lenders and support for technical assistance to small businesses.

• The Consumer Committee brings together consumer advocates and counselors to increase access to basic banking services and has designed the SafeMoneyTM account—a low-cost bank account to keep low income people in mainstream banking.

Will you help build on these victories by making a tax-deductible contribution of $50 or more to support CRC’s Committee activities? We will publicly thank every donation over $100 in the *new online* version of our newsletter, Community Reinvestment News. Thank you in advance!

Alan Fisher
Executive Director